Green Hosting Review: Does their web hosting match up with other providers?

Green Geeks is a renowned web hosting company who provides a range of different hosting based solutions. This hosting company differs from others as it prides itself on offering an environmentally friendly service. They use a hosting platform that has minimal wastage and is extremely energy efficient – they also have a partnership with EPA and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In this review, we look at what Green Geeks has to offer, and their web hosting services – enjoy!

Are Green Geeks prices reasonable?

First and foremost, most people are concerned with the price which is understandable. So how do their prices compare to industry standards and other providers? Their regular hosting price per month is $9.95 which is average in comparison to others, but they have a sale that reduces this price substantially. The following is Greek Geeks current prices:

– Website hosting: $3.95 p/month
– WordPress hosting: $3.95 p/month
Reseller website hosting: From $19.95 p/month for 10 cPanel accounts

As you can see, their hosting prices are as cheap as they come! The price is slightly higher than rival hosting companies such as BlueHost, but you must remember that you are purchasing hosting from an environmentally friendly company. Furthermore, the actual hosting package they provide warrants that marginally higher price.

Does Green Geeks provide adequate hosting features?

Now that we have analyzed the price, we should look at what you actually get for your money. Features are a vital aspect of a web hosting service – without a myriad of suitable features, a web hosting service is limiting and will not provide a company with the flexibility they need. The following are the Green Geeks hosting features:

– Unlimited storage and data transfer
– Unlimited web domains per account- Usage of the website builder and pre-created templates
– 99.9% server uptime
– SSL encryption and security
– Support for multiple languages including PHP, Python, and MySQL
– 24/7 support

There is no denying that Green Geeks certainly have created a hosting service that stands up to the competition. Their features provide you with flexibility and high performance – you essentially have everything you would need.

What about Green Geeks customer service?

Customer service is another important aspect of web hosting. If you are paying for a service, you want the assurance that you can contact a knowledgeable rep who can actually help with your issue. When purchasing a hosting plan from Green Geeks you can benefit from their 24/7 customer support. We trialed the customer support and found their reps to be extremely helpful – the process ran smoothly, and we did not have to wait too long to speak to someone. The following are the current support contact methods:

– Live chat: easy to use and convenient
– Email support: average response time of 20 minutes
– Phone support: Open all week at varying times

What sets Green Geeks apart from the competition?

So is Green Geeks a market contender? In our opinion, yes! Their service has all the essentials you would need and the price is more than reasonable. Aside from all of this, you have the added bonus that their company is environmentally friendly – you can purchase your hosting plan knowing that you are contributing to a greener planet!

Hopefully, you should now have a clearer idea of what Green Geeks has to offer in terms of their web hosting service. We certainly believe that this company easily matches up with other providers and that its ethical and environmentally responsible operation is worthwhile. Why not give Green Geeks a try and use one of their hosting packages today?